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    EuroFIT is an EU funded project designed to harness the personal connection, loyalty and attachment many men feel to football and their club to attract them to health-promoting lifestyle change programmes

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We’re launching the EuroFIT programme on the 31st Oct 2018 in Brussels!

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The Project

The Goal

The goal of EuroFIT is to harness the ‘love of the game’ to engage football fans in health-promoting lifestyle changes through their loyalty and attachment to their clubs.  EuroFIT will engage men through their connection with their clubs to make sustainable improvements in their diet, activity, and physical fitness.

The Tactics

EuroFIT will achieve its goal by bringing together fans, professional football clubs, and public health experts to tackle the problem of how to engage inactive men in positive lifestyle changes. Together, this unique team will develop tailored lifestyle programmes that will encourage sustainable changes in diet, physical activity and sedentary time.

The Result

Integrating two novel technologies – SitFIT & MatchFIT – the project will create a new lifestyle change programme, EuroFIT, to be delivered in football club grounds by club coaches. The project has been designed to allow for widespread replication, meaning that its success can be reproduced in different countries, communities and settings.  Ultimately, EuroFIT will create a healthier Europe.

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Latest News

The Video

The project video offers an overview of EuroFIT, and shows how we are delivering the project in clubs across Europe.

The Team

The EuroFIT team comes from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines. They share an interest in good science for the service of public health, and have been selected and recruited specifically to cover all angles a project like EuroFIT requires.

Each member is an expert in their position bringing extensive experience and ‘know how’ to deliver results.

The Clubs

EuroFIT has received the approval and support of top professional football clubs and organisations in each participating country.

Through the support of these clubs, the EuroFIT project will help engage fans to change their physical activity levels, decrease the amount of time they spend sitting down, and improve their diet so that their lives will be healthier. Healthy fans make healthy clubs.

The Press Box

If you are interested in finding out more please have a look at our Press Box. Visit this section for access to the most recent project news, events and press releases.

This section also contains media content such as a project photos, videos, brochures and pamphlets. 

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