Promoting Adolescent Physical Activity (PAPA) is a European-funded project looking at how to use positive experiences in youth sport to improve young peoples’ health and well-being. At the end of the project, an evidence-based coach education programme to help coaches make sport engaging anf empowering for youths will have been developed and tested. Partners in the project include leading researchers and sporting leaders in the UK, Norway, Spain, France and Greece.


Activity and food for regional economies supporting health (afresh) is an EU project that brings together experts in nutrition and physical activity from Belgium, France, German, the UK, Hungary, Poland, Spain and the develop innovations to support healthy lifetsyles.


REsearch into POlicy to enhance Physical Activity (REPOPA) aims to integrate scientific research knowledge, expert know-how and real world policy making process to promote physical activity in structural policy making. Important expected outcomes of the project include an increased use of research evidence in policy making, improved understanding and collaboration between academia, practice and policy makers/politicians and sustainable knowledge integration.


The EU funded PASTA project aims to show how promoting active mobility (i.e. walking and cycling) can lead to a healthier, more physically active population – saving money and more importantly improving our lives.


Credits4Health (C4H) is a Social Innovation and Health Promotion Project aimed at developing and testing a system effective in engaging, nurturing and keeping people committed in the adoption of personalised wellness paths and healthy life-styles. The main goal of the project is to develop a sustainable system that encourages people living in Euro-Mediterranean Countries to enhance their level of physical activity and adopt healthy eating habits by means of a person-centric approach and a variety of incentives. The model will be tested in Greece, Italy, and Spain, with a long-term goal of extending it to all of Europe.


SPOTLIGHT is an FP7-funded European project that is looking at what factors affect whether health promotion approaches to prevent obesity work. Individual, family, organisational, and environmental factors that can change behaviour, lifestyles, and life skills to sustainably change behaviour to prevent obesity are the focus. The project will be carried out in eight European countries – Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the United Kingdom. EuroFIT partners VU University Medical Center and Universidade de LIsboa are also partners on the SPOTLIGHT project.


There are lots of effective interventions to help people lose weight but it’s tough for people to maintain their weight loss. NoHoW is a Horizon2020 funded project carrying out research in weight loss maintenance. Like EuroFIT, NoHoW involves applying research into sustaining behavior change in the real world. NoHoW will develop a toolkit for weight loss maintenance, including mobile apps, web-based tools and inputs from technologies like smart scales and activity trackers, and test it in Denmark, the UK and Portugal. EuroFIT partners Universidade de Lisboa and Pintail Limited are also partners on the NoHoW project.


SITLESS is a Horizon 2020-funded project that will carry out a multicenter clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in the elderly. Three arms will be compared: 1) intervention group with physical exercise supplemented by self-management strategies 2) Intervention group with physical exercise only and 3) control group with usual treatment.