The GU team includes members from the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, who focus on development of the programme and conduct of the trial, and from the School of Computing Science, who develop MatchFIT.

Institute of Health and Wellbeing

Prof. Sally Wyke

Research Interests: Sally Wyke is a social scientist who applies social scientific theory and methods to complex interventions to improve health and well-being.  She also has expertise in developing pragmatic approaches to robust evaluation of complex interventions using comparative designs and mixed methods and applies her skills to support health in community and primary care settings. She co-led, with Kate Hunt, the hugely successful Football Fans in Training research programme.

Role in Project: Sally is the project Coordinator.

Dr. Cindy Gray

Research Interests: Cindy Gray interests include using sociological and psychological theory to develop understandings of how to engage high risk groups in sustained health behaviour change. She is also interested in the development and evaluation of mobile technologies (e.g. smart phone apps) for promoting healthy lifestyles.

Role in Project: Cindy leads the development of the EuroFIT Programme (including close working with SitFIT and MatchFIT developers). She also supports Sally in the management of the project, supports the conduct of the randomised controlled trial, and contributes to all other aspects of the project (implementation study, adapting EuroFIT programme for other groups).

Dr. Christopher Bunn

Research Interests: Chris is a sociologist with a special interest in health and wellbeing. He has worked with teams in Cambridge and Glasgow to design, deliver and evaluate health interventions and new health services. Chris’ substantive areas of work include physical activity, diabetes, men’s health, obesity, football-based health improvement programmes, urban agriculture, third sector collaborations, and group dynamics. He is currently based in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow, where he is part of the multidisciplinary team that designed and evaluated Football Fans in Training. The team are currently working on a multisite randomised controlled trial of European Fans in Training, which is a physical activity programme for overweight men delivered at 15 elite European football clubs, as well as a weight management programme for South African church-goers.

Role in Project: Chris is a research associate within the EuroFIT UK team. He leads the process evaluation work for the consortium.

Dr. Lisa Macaulay

Research Interests: Lisa has completed a PhD focussed on lower limb abnormalities in children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis after which I moved into in research management and regulatory support within the NHS and Medical Research Council.

Role in Project: Lisa is the UK Trial Coordinator for the EuroFIT trial and is responsible for organising the measurement visits and data collection.

School of Computing Science

Prof. Matthew Chalmers

Research Interests: Matthew is a computer scientist who borrows from philosophy, biology and other disciplines in order to feed into the design and theory of computer systems, especially mobile and ubiquitous computing. He leads the social/ubiquitous/mobile (SUM) group at U. Glasgow Computing Science, which works on theory, infrastructure, analytics and applications for devices such as phones. The apps include mobile multiplayer games and systems for health and fitness, for cultural tourism, and for ‘seamful’ awareness of the infrastructure we have ready-to-hand.

Role in Project: Matthew oversees the work on the MatchFIT app.

Dr. Mattias Rost

Research Interests: Mattias  is a postdoctoral researcher in School of Computing Science at University of Glasgow. He defended is PhD thesis on mobile media sharing in 2013 that he wrote while at Mobile Life in Stockholm, Sweden. His research interests cover mobile social media, location based services, app development, data analysis of app usage, and tools for data analysis. He designs, builds, and studies systems in use. He is currently involved in projects dealing with app redesign, mobile social applications, and issues with the distracting nature of mobile phones and technology.

Role in Project: He is he main developer of the MatchFIT application.

Contact Details

Prof. Sally Wyke

Institute of Health and Wellbeing

University of Glasgow, 27 Bute Gardens,

G12 8QQ Glasgow, UK

Institute of Health and Wellbeing