The team includes members from VU Amsterdam and the VU Medical Centre, who focus on development of the programme and conduct of the trial, as well as health economics analysis.

VU Medical Centre

Dr. Hidde van der Ploeg

Research Interests: Hidde van der Ploeg is associate professor at the Department of Public and Occupational Health and the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research of the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. He also has an adjunct position at the Sydney School of Public Health of the University of Sydney in Australia. His expertise is in physical activity and sedentary behaviour research in adults and his research interests include measurement, surveillance, epidemiology and lifestyle interventions across clinical, occupational and public health settings.

Role in Project: Hidde leads the protocol development and trial conduct in the Netherlands.

Dr. Femke van Nassau

Research Interests: Femke’s main research topics are: Implementation research, process and effect evaluation, determinants of implementation, measurement of sedentary and physical activity behavior, intervention development following the Intervention Mapping protocol, prevention of overweight, qualitative research (focus group, interview). As part of her PhD research, Femke developed an implementation index score to measure programme delivery by combining measures of quality, dosage and fidelity.

Role in Project: Femke is the Trial Coordinator in the Netherlands.

Dr. Judith Jelsma

Research Interests: Judith’s research interests are foremost in the field of behavioural change (especially in motivational interviewing), obesity, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. In her PhD she gained experience in developing, delivering and evaluating an international complex lifestyle intervention to European overweight and obese pregnant women.

Role in project: Judith is a core member of EuroFIT in the Netherlands.

Prof. Willem van Mechelen

Research Interests: Willem van Mechelen is director of EMGO+ Institute of VU University Medical Center. After completion of his training as a PE-teacher he worked for 9 years at an Amsterdam high school. He combined this with studying medicine at the University of Amsterdam. After his certification as an MD in 1982 he started working at various out-patient clinics as a sports and occupational physician. He also started in that year his scientific career with a part-time appointment at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He earned his PhD in Human Movement Sciences in 1992. He also is a board certified occupational physician and a registered epidemiologist. Currently, he is employed by the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam as a full professor of Occupational and Sports Medicine.

Role in Project: Willem supervises the protocol development and trial conduct in the Netherlands.

Contact Details

Dr Hidde van der Ploeg
Dr. Femke van Nassau
Dr. Judith Jelsma
Prof. Willem van Mechelen

VU University Medical Center, Department of Public and Occupational health
EMGO Institute
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