EuroFIT at FNAS/SICAD Forum, Portugal

In the recent past, a presentation of EuroFIT by the University of Lisbon team at the U Lisboa Health Network caught the attention of the President of the National Forum for Alcohol and Health (FNAS). As a result, the University of Lisbon EuroFIT research group was invited to be a part of the Forum. This Forum hosted by SICAD (a department of the Ministry of Health for Addictive Behaviours) engages several key partners from key areas (e.g. scientific societies, other ministries, key social agents/organisations from different fields) to stimulate interaction between these key partners, discuss good practices and produce reports.  The aims of the Forum are to share good practices and to debate further how can lifestyle- and exercise-based programs also serve to “spill-over” to other health behaviours, such as alcohol consumption. If EuroFIT proves to be effective in reducing alcohol consumption they would like us to write a short report on good practices to be followed by interventional programs with the potential to influence behaviour.

On 19th February 2018, Prof Marlene Silva, University of Lisbon presented on EuroFIT for the FNAS Forum and highlighted best practices in this regard. “It was really well accepted by all members who were really enthusiastic about the project and eager to know more about the results (regarding alcohol). This was a fruitful dissemination and networking opportunity for the EuroFIT team going forward and allowed for future potential developments to be explored.”