EuroFIT central to major new initiative in Portugal

On 11 April 2017, World Physical Activity Day, EuroFIT played a key role in the launch of the Portuguese government’s National Physical Activity programme.

A formal partnership to roll out the EuroFIT programme was signed between the Portuguese government’s Directorate-General for Health and the Portuguese Football Federation.

Full details of the day are published (in Portuguese) at

This partnership places EuroFIT and its programme within the core activities of the national initiative, and demonstrates the important value that EuroFIT is delivering to the wider population. This development is an important result for EuroFIT, and reflects the commitment of Portuguese government and football to the health and well-being of football fans.

The launch event was supported by the Portuguese government’s Directorate-General for Health, the Portuguese Football Federation, the University of Lisbon-Faculty of Human Medicine, the EuroFIT consortium, and the World Health Organisation.

image courtesy FMH