EuroFIT features in many non-scientific journals

Reaching out to non-scientific audiences with the project mission, objectives and findings is important too. EuroFIT partners have communicated with a variety of audiences and spread the word in non-scientific journals, such as:

• The journal of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology devoted to health professionals, “Factores de Risco”, “invited Marlene Silva to write a piece on “The football club as a promoter of health in the population: the example of the EuroFIT program”.
• Pedro Teixeira, Hugo Pereira and Marlene Silva were invited by the Journal of the Portuguese Football Federation to write an article on the importance of football to promote health; the EuroFIT program was as an illustrative example.
• Marlene Silva and Pedro Teixeira were invited to write a piece reflecting the potential role of football clubs to promote community health. Healthy Stadia provided some data for the piece and the EuroFIT program was used as an example
• “Saber Viver”, a lifestyle journal, made a piece on EuroFIT. Healthy Stadia’s work was also featured and described.
• Bunn, C. (2017) Fitness for fans: professional football and public health. Football Medic and Scientist, Issue 20: Spring 2017.