EuroFIT launch into the real world of football and public health deemed a great success

Football clubs, National Associations and key agencies such as the World Health Organisation, European Commission and UEFA gathered for the EuroFIT Launch Event held at Scotland House in Brussels on 31 October 2018. The aim of the event was to celebrate the success of the research project and to learn how the ground-breaking programme will be rolled out across Europe.

EuroFIT Coordinator Prof Sally Wyke commented, “The launch of EuroFIT into the real world of football and public health was a great success.  Over 70 people from different countries and organisation came together.  We have scientific evidence of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness and research-based guidelines on how to deliver the programme in football clubs.  We have a pragmatic, inexpensive, not-for-profit licensing system that will protect the fidelity of the programme and ensure that outcomes are the same.  All in all a great investment from the European Commission.”

Press coverage of the launch event and photos:

EuroFIT Launch press release

FPF em destaque no balanço do EuroFIT


Photos from the event: