ISBNPA Satellite Meeting, “Determinants of sedentary behaviour through the Life Course”

The ISBNPA Satellite Meeting “Determinants of sedentary behaviour through the Life Course” will be held 8 -9 June 2015 in Glasgow. This meeting is organised by Glasgow Caledonian University and the European Joint Programme Initiative on Determinant of Diet and Physical Activity (DEDIPAC) and aims at developing a consensus framework of the determinants of sedentary behaviour and identify societal systems that influence sitting behaviour.

The objective is to enable harmonisation and prioritise research. During the meeting, there will be presentations by key note speakers (Neville Owen, Genevieve Healy, Jo Salmon, John Reilly, David Conroy, Stef Kremer and Dawn Skelton) and state of the online consensus and interactive technology so that all participants can provide their opinion and view the consensus unfold in real time.

Registration and further details can be found by clicking here.

Early bird registration fee is available until 31st January.

EuroFIT at 7th European Public Health Conference in Glasgow

EuroFIT researcher Anne Martin from the University of Edinburgh presented “ Interventions to reduce sedentary time in adults – a systematic review” under the theme ‘Evidence for Policy’ at the 7th European Public Health Conference on behalf of the EuroFITteam on Sat 22nd Nov 14.
Read more about the conference at their official site.

EuroFIT in the Healthy Stadia Newsletter

The EuroFIT audit of current practice in European clubs was mentioned in the Dec 2014 newsletter from Healthy Stadia –



FFIT selected as a Best Practice by the Public Health Agency of Canada

The Canadian Best Practices Initiative (CBPI) unit at the Public Health Agency of Canada has selected our predecessor “Football Fans In Training (FFIT)” as a Best Practice. Check it out on the Canadian Best Practices Portal –

EuroFIT at Healthy Stadia Conference 2014

EuroFIT was presented on 10 Dec at the Healthy Stadia Conference 2014 in Geneva, organised by EuroFIT partner Healthy Stadia. Glasgow University researcher Cindy Gray gave a presentation about the project to attendees involved in sport, health, community and social responsibility.


EuroFIT Coordinator Prof. Sally Wyke at the 17th European Health Forum Gastein

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Prof. Wyke presented at a forum and workshop session convened by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation and for Health and Consumers and Education and Culture. The forum was held at the 17th European Health Forum Gastein (EFHG) (01 – 03 Oct 2014).

The forum examined ways of promoting physical activity and discussed the challenges and benefits of reducing sedentary behaviour, with presentations from four FP7-funded projects working to promote physical activity (EuroFIT, Credits4Health, PAPA and PASTA).

The session presented useful networking opportunities and lessons were learned that will beneficially impact on the conduct of the EuroFIT programme over the next 4 years.


EuroFIT at UKSBM 2014

EuroFIT researcher Cindy Gray of Glasgow University presented at UKSBM 2014 in Nottingham on 04 Dec 2014. Cindy’s talk was titled ‘European Fans in Training: a socio-psychological approach to the development of a healthy lifestyle programme to engage an at-risk group in sustained behaviour change.

Healthy Stadia hosts Club Representatives

EuroFIT partner Healthy Stadia hosted representatives from clubs in the Netherlands, UK, Portugal and Norway on 22 Sept, 2014 in the Premier League Offices in London. The meeting was an opportunity for EuroFIT researchers and club representatives to discuss how to make sure the EuroFIT programme works in practice. Coaches agreed on the importance of rigorous evaluation and talked about cultural-sensitisation’ of EuroFIT to their club.  They shared learning around recruitment and began to develop a sense of being part f the EuroFIT team.

A second meeting is planned for March 2015 to continue the discussion.

First lessons learned from feasibility study at PSV

The first preliminary tests of the EuroFIT feasibility study have been completed by the VUmc EuroFIT team in collaboration with PSV.

PSV is very enthusiastic about EuroFIT and they agreed to run the Dutch preliminary tests of the EuroFIT feasibility study. As a result, 15 voluntary men joined the measurement sessions. Men were excited about taking part in the study. One man said:

‘It is great that our club offers the possibility to conduct these health tests and we can help them to improve the protocols at the same time’.

Men provided very useful feedback to improve the measurements.

At the moment, the EuroFIT teams in Portugal, Norway and UK are in the middle of their feasibility study. The EuroFIT team looks forward to benefit from the results of this feasibility study.


Scottish Football Fans in Training run in 26 clubs

Scottish Football Fans in Training run in 26 clubs – sign up if you want to get fit, lose your belly and get behind the scenes at your local Scottish club, all for free.

In 2014, the SPFL Trust helped 374 supporters of 13 SPFL clubs shed an astonishing 291st 11lbs combined. This season, with over 26 clubs across Scotland taking part, they aim to help even more male fans to lose weight, live a healthier life and become more active.

So what are you waiting for? Book today by visiting the their Football fans in training page.