University of Aberdeen

The team includes Prof. Shaun Treweek from the Health Services Research Unit at the University of Aberdeen.

Prof. Shaun Treweek

Research Interests: Shaun Treweek is a health services researcher interested in efficient trial design, particularly around recruitment and retention and the effective presentation of research evidence.  He is, or has been, involved in a range of trials, including an international trial of treatments for a rare neuromuscular condition, a trial of a lifestyle intervention for women after pregnancy, a lifestyle change trial run through football clubs and the Scottish Premier League called Football Fans in Training, a trial of abdominal massage for multiple sclerosis patients and a lung cancer screening trial. He leads an initiative called Trial Forge ( that aims to be more systematic about how we generate and use research evidence in making trial design, conduct, analysis and reporting decisions.

Role in Project: Shaun provides expertise in trial design and conduct to the project, as well as more general research methods advice.

Contact Details

Prof. Shaun Treweek

Health Services Research Unit

University of Aberdeen Health Sciences Building

Foresterhill Aberdeen AB25 2ZD UK