Universidade de Lisboa

The team includes members from the Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity Group in the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana at the University of Lisbon, who focus on development of the programme and conduct of the trial.

Prof. Pedro Teixeira

Research Interests: Pedro’s research focuses on behavioral and motivational theory and determinants of physical activity, diet, and obesity, and on health behavior change in the context of physical activity promotion and obesity interventions.

Role in Project: Pedro is the project leader in Portugal.

Dr. Marlene Silva

Research Interests: Marlene’s research interests are in motivational, self-regulatory and behavioral predictors of physical activity and weight control and applying self-determination theory to health behavior change interventions (in overweight adults). She is also interested in motivation and training of health professionals, as well as seeking to understand antecedents of need-supportive vs. controlling motivational practices.

Role in Project: Marlene is the trial coordinator in Portugal.

Hugo Pereira

Research Interests: Hugo is interested in the correlates of different types of physical activity adherence and maintenance. He is also interested in the development and testing of behaviour change interventions applying self-determination theory

Role in Project: Hugo is involved in delivering the trial in Portugal.

Contact Details

Prof. Pedro Teixeira

Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity Group

Faculdade de Motricidade Humana – University of Lisbon

Coast Road

1499-002 Cruz Quebrada – Dafundo

Lisbon, Portugal